The Westernization of our lifestyle is one of the significant drawbacks we observe today. Under the guise of modernization, young minds are being exposed to obscenity and cultural degradation, leading them to forget their values and blindly adopt Western culture. Events like Valentine’s Day have been one of the contributors to this downfall with a high number of teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, depression, and moral degradation as the result.  To counteract this cultural erosion and revive our traditional values, Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu in year 2007 started a revolutionary initiative known as Parents Worship Day. This initiative is not merely a gesture but a necessity of the hour.

Current Social & Cultural Challenges

While technological advancement has opened the horizon of development for the nation, it has also exposed society to the darkness of adverse effects and cultural downfall. One such effect is the blind following of other cultures. Valentine’s Day celebration is one such event that is slowly creeping into society and eroding cultural values. Despite its lack of significance, this event brings about obscenity and a lustful ambiance. Reports indicate that Valentine’s Day has led to an increase in teenage pregnancies, depression, cultural degradation, suicides, and a breakdown in relationships. If this trend continues, the destruction of the society will be inevitable.

Another effect of modernization that is observed is the bifurcation of families into smaller units. Joint families are now being replaced by nuclear families, and elderly parents are being sent to old-age homes. Compassion and family bonding, which were once strengths of our society, are vanishing into thin air and being replaced by hatred, ego, and fake attitudes. The gap between hearts is causing children to send their parents to old-age homes, where they are forced to live a life devoid of love, care, and emotional support. Parents build their families with the bricks of emotions, but during their last days, when they need the most support, they find themselves living a dreadful life.

Parents Worship Day: A Vision

Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu believes that love is innocent and unites with God. It should not be conflated with lust or desires; instead, it is an eternal feeling that can help one reach spiritual excellence and contribute to the growth of others as well. Bapuji is a revolutionary saint with a clear vision – he aimed to protect the younger generation by instilling cultural values, strengthening parent-child relationships and preventing blind adherence to Western influences. His main goal is the welfare of society, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or sect.

Bapuji said, ‘I don’t want to oppose anybody, but I feel grieved seeing the destruction of humanity. This assault has its origin in Western countries. Instead of opposing it, we’ll just give it a new direction so that it contributes to the welfare of foreign people as well. Celebrate the day of love by saying, ‘Matridevo Bhava, Pitridevo Bhava’ – ‘Regard your mother as a god, regard your father as a god.

Parents Worship Day: A Factual Event

One of the first relationships that a living being establishes is the relationship with the parents. Whether it’s an animal or a human, parents are the first association built even before birth. Parents have spent a longer time in this world, and their experience is vital for the growth of a child. It is the eternal love of parents and gurus that elevates one the path to success.  Hence respecting Parents or worshiping them is not just a belief but a factual event that needs to be practiced everywhere. 

Parents Worship Day: The Beginning

To counteract the adverse effects and obscenity caused by Valentine’s Day, and to revive cultural values and the eternal love of parents, Visionary Saint Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu initiated the celebration of Parents Worship Day on February 14th in the year 2007.

Bapuji has said: 

Youth get entangled in premarital relationships by celebrating 14th February as ‘Valentine’s Day.’ Their vital fluid and brightness get wasted in the sexual indulgence caused by the stimulation of lower chakras during the day. ‘Parents’ Worship’ on 14th February will lift them from the evil of profligacy and the mire of depravity to a life of a bright future, purity of character, and good conduct.

Parents Worship Day: Universal Resolve 

Pujya Bapuji’s Brahma-Sankalpa for the welfare of universal good: ‘Now, we will celebrate 14th February as ‘Parents’ Worship Day’ at an international level. I send out this Sankalpa into space, envisioning that in the celebration of ‘Parents’ Worship Day’ (Matri-Pitri Pujan Divas), all the five great elements, gods, and goddesses will assist. May my devotees, whether they are Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Parsis, all participate in it. Let the gods, and demigods (Yakshas, Gandharvas, and Pitris) hear that I intend to propagate ‘Parents’ Worship Day’ on a wider scale in India and around the world.

Parents Worship Day: Successful Realization

Since 2007, Parents Worship Day has become a new trend. With the guidance of Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu, it is now celebrated worldwide. The initiative began at Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram and was later spread to all corners by volunteers. This movement was warmly welcomed by everyone, leading to mass celebrations in schools, colleges, societies, and other public places across the nation.

Parents Worship Day: Political Leaders Support

Today, Parents Worship Day has evolved into a global reform. It is celebrated not only at the regional level but has become a festival of humanity. Various political leaders have come forward and appreciated Bapuji’s efforts. Their appreciation not only reflects their acceptance but also demonstrates its global reach. This initiative has received appreciation from the President of India, Governors, Central ministers, Chief Ministers of various states, and many other politically renowned personalities. The recognition has thrived and gained momentum over the years as its reach continues to expand. Inspired by this initiative, the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh officially declared 14th Feb as Parents Worship Day.

Let us see what some of the political leaders have to say about Parents Worship Day.

My best compliments to you for the great conception of celebrating 14th February as ‘Parents’ Worship Day’

– Shri Vijay Rupani, Contemporaneous Chief Minister, Gujarat

It is a matter of great pleasure that 14th February is being celebrated as Parents’ Worship Day. 

– Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Contemporaneous Chief Minister, M.P.

Children should be associated with Indian culture and customs right from an early age, and you have been executing this responsibility perfectly. 

– Shri Jai Ram Thakur, Contemporaneous Chief Minister, H.P. 

The direction that Asharamji Bapu has shown by way of the Parent’s Worship Day event is not just for a particular region, community, or race, but an important step to make the whole world virtuous. 

– Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste, Union Minister of State for Steel

I am very glad to know that, like every year, the ‘Parents’ Worship Day program is being organized globally on 14th February ‘

– Shri Bhupesh Baghel, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh,

These notes are clear indications of the acceptance and applause this initiative is receiving from the government and political leaders. They are not only appreciative of this event, but they have been promoting it to be practiced everywhere.

Parents Worship Day: A Global Reform

This festival of eternal love is not restricted to Bharat alone but it has crossed its boundaries and is celebrated in countries like America, Canada, UAE, Australia, England, Nepal, and approximately 200 other countries. Let’s see what California State Assembly says about this event.

“On behalf of the California State Assembly, I, Assembly member Kansen Chu, do at this moment recognize ‘Shri Yoga Vedanta Ashram’ for their dedicated efforts over the past 21 years to uplift all people and children with special appreciation for their work on behalf of young people in our community by organizing the celebration of Parents’ Worship Day. Thank you for all of your work!”

Parents Worship Day: Support from Saints

Events like Parents Worship hold immense spiritual importance; hence the views of Saints are very important. This unique initiative is not only considered revolutionary, but it brings a cultural reform that is necessary to protect our culture from degradation. Saints of Bharat adore this initiative and advocate its importance in the current social condition. Here are a few of the statements from saints about these events:

Hundreds of thousands of salutations to such a Saint!

– Gaubhakta Sant Shri Kalidasji

By celebrating Valentine’s Day, people are desecrating the word ‘love’. The trend of celebrating ‘Parents’ Worship Day’ in lieu of this, as set by you, is quite laudable.

                                            – Shri Devkinandan Thakur, Bhagavat Katha Narrator

Parents Worship Day: Newspaper Speaks

Parents Worship Day received commendation not just from religious and social organizations and dignitaries but also gained official recognition. Circulars were distributed, advocating the celebration of Parents’ Worship Day in schools across various districts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The programs garnered significant acclaim in newspapers and on news channels. Some of the newspapers and agencies that applauded this program include pioneers like BBC, promoting global coverage. Other newspapers include Navanagar Time, Sandesh, Dainik Bhaskar, Prabhat Khabar,  etc.

Let’s have a look at some of the glimpses of the news:’ News Desk – Celebrating it in place of Valentine’s Day was initiated by Sant Asharam Ji Bapu 2007, the spiritual Guru of India.

Navanagar Time – Following the order of the District Education Officer, in most government schools of Jamnagar district, students received blessings by worshiping their parents with devotion.

Sandesh, Sabarkantha-Aravalli – Many educational institutions celebrated Parents Worship Day on 14th February and pledged to keep celebrating it in the coming years as well. 

Parents Worship Day: A vision from the past to make a better future

The Parents Worship Day was initiated by Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu with the vision of barricading cultural degradation and combating issues such as teenage pregnancies, drug addiction, depression, and moral degradation. Parents worship has existed in Sanatan Dharma right from Lord Ganesha worshiping his parents, Pundalik & Shravan Kumar serving their parents, to Pujya Bapuji seeking blessings from his  parents. Bapuji has given a new look to this tradition by celebrating it on 14th Feb. It revives parent-child love and strengthens family bonds. This not only brings prosperity to the child’s life but also protects him from external troubles. Let’s celebrate 14th Feb as the Day of Eternal Love by worshiping our parents.

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