Have you ever seen a tiny dandelion seed blown about wildly by the wind, not knowing where it will land or how it will take root? Now picture that fragile seed as a young child growing up in a big, confusing world, lost and looking for the rich soil of guidance and support. Parental influence is like a gentle breeze in the vast tapestry of a child’s development, directing potential seeds toward strong roots and resilient individuals. The guidance of parents is very important for child development. It not only shapes the future of a child but also enables them to fight all the hurdles of life.

Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu emphasizes that the right parental guidance is key for the development of a child. It becomes the fertile soil in which children flourish into their full potential, with their foundations built on a bedrock of love and understanding. His initiatives, like Parents Worship Day, act as a catalyst to revive the lost bonding between families and restore love and understanding.

Growth A synchrony of Energy

Just as the foundation of a building determines its strength and height, similarly Muladhara chakra is the root of our being, hence it is important to establish the foundation for a child’s lifelong health and well-being. If for the first seven years a child’s health is looked after properly and is kept disease free then a strong lifelong foundation of his health is built. By providing a loving and supportive environment, parents can help them establish a strong and balanced Muladhara. This will aid to child development and serve them throughout their lives. With proper guidance parents build the deep roots so that they  can withstand even the strongest winds of health and emotional challenges.

Parents guidance in Child development: A future to Shape

A child’s mind is not only agile in following the guidance it receives but is also like a blank canvas, open to absorbing any colours that life may add to it. It is crucial that children are shaped with proper guidance, as they are more susceptible to degradation without it. Various studies conducted around the world have shown that children deprived of parental guidance exhibit poor mental, academic, and psychological development. Parental guidance is essential not only during early stages of growth but also serves as a guiding light throughout all phases of life. It has been observed that children left without parental guidance tend to develop a tendency towards criminal behaviour, as they struggle to build their cultural and moral well-being.

Harsh Reality Of Present and its Impact on Child Development

Although parental guidance is crucial, it’s becoming increasingly rare in today’s world. Gone are the pleasant days of the past when children grew up under the protective shade of their parents, with every step under their careful supervision, moulding them into responsible citizens of the nation. The never-ending rat race, excessive modernization, and exposure to gadgets have added complexity to parenting. Successful parenting has now become a challenge faced by every other parent.

Let’s navigate through some of the threats to modern-age parenting.

  • Smartphone Quicksand to Destruction:

In today’s digital age, parents are often caught up in their social and professional lives, leading them to resort to pacifying children with smartphones at the slightest sign of distress. Initially, it may involve engaging them for a short period, but it gradually develops into a habit, hindering their growth and ability to accept feedback. This creates a communication gap, where children begin to believe what they see online and may start arguing with their parents. The widespread use of smartphones presents new challenges for parenting and child development.

  • Daycare Dilemmas and Early Childhood Development:

Daycare centres are becoming increasingly common as more parents opt for their support and assistance. While they can offer benefits such as socialisation and learning opportunities, it’s essential to carefully consider potential drawbacks.

While parents may choose daycare to ensure their children are well-cared for and engaged during their absence, it’s important to acknowledge the potential drawbacks. The transition from home to daycare, along with differences in care quality and adult-child ratios, can impact children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Studies have found that extensive early daycare attendance is associated with negative outcomes. This includes lower academic achievement, increased behavioral problems, higher likelihood of substance use in adulthood and adverse impact on child development. These findings suggest that the quality and quantity of early childcare may have lasting effects on children’s development and well-being.

Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu emphasises that children become what they see, so placing a child in the care of daycare associates or maids may cause them to absorb qualities that deviate from the cultural heritage passed down by their ancestors. As we know, every person has a specific aura and vibes that aid in communication. By having children in daycare centres, they absorb the vibes of individuals outside their family and may develop bonds and characteristics influenced by external sources.

  • Nuclear Families to No Families

The joint family system has always offered numerous benefits for parenting, one of which is the availability of family members to care for children. The presence of relatives not only guides children in their development but also protects them during their formative years. Unfortunately, the trend towards nuclear families is on the rise. Modernization and the influence of Western culture have led to shrinking family sizes. Hearts are growing distant, and empathy seems to be disappearing into thin air.

This shift is breaking down family bonds and fostering isolation, which contributes to the misguidance of children, depressed adults, and an increase in the number of old-age homes. Consequently, we witness families disintegrating into single-parent households or nuclear families lacking in familial bonding.

Societal shifts towards nuclear families and individualistic lifestyles, combined with urbanisation and evolving work patterns, have significantly impacted social connections. There’s a growing prioritisation of immediate family units over broader community ties, leading to increased isolation and a lack of external support networks.

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  • Cultural Degradation Through Westernization 

In Current scenario, children are being exposed to Westernization through various mediums such as media, advertisements, movies, and series. These influences manipulate their thoughts and create ideologies that lead them into the pit of cultural degradation. To worsen matters, events like Valentine’s Day lure them onto the path of obscenity, making them slaves to their desires and fostering disrespect towards elders in the family.

Children face numerous challenges in today’s world, which often try to push them down. Only the guidance of parents can protect them from these pitfalls or encourage them through failures, ensuring they don’t lose hope and continue on the path to success. This unique feature is a fundamental aspect of good parenting, and here are some tips that demonstrate how parental guidance can work wonders.

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  1. Building with Bricks and Mortar: Values as the Foundation, Not Just Material Wealth: 

Think of it like building a house. Money buys bricks, but love and care build a strong foundation. Even the biggest, fanciest house with weak foundations falls apart!

Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu mentions that a good child does not need money but good guidance to pave his path to success. As the age-old adage goes, “पूत सपूत तो क्यों धन संचय। पूत कपूत तो क्यों धन संचय।” which means, why accumulate wealth for a worthy son, and why accumulate wealth for an unworthy son? If children are raised in an environment where they’re nurtured with the right values and skills, the need for excessive wealth diminishes. They’ll grow into capable individuals who can contribute positively to their own well-being and that of their community. Conversely, even if they possess immense wealth but lack moral integrity, they’re bound to face dire consequences.

In Bharat, we are fortunate to have proximity to saints like Bapuji, whose discourses are a source of immense knowledge that helps parents use as a tool to guide their offspring.

  • Drawing Wisdom from Legends for Effective Child Development

Children absorb facts when they see or experience them. Another factor that influences them is ideals. The widespread addiction to media is largely due to children getting hooked on incorrect ideologies. To counteract such fake and uncultured ideologies, Bapuji has urged parents to utilise legends from our glorious past. This not only instils values in children but also guides them toward success. One famous tale clearly illustrates the importance of parental guidance for a child’s success.

In the opulent court of Raja Ranjit Singh’s father, a jeweller arrived, eager to showcase an array of dazzling diamonds. As he presented the glittering gems, the Raja observed them with a discerning eye. However, to the jeweller’s surprise, the Raja expressed disdain, declaring them unfit for his son, Ranjit.

Incensed by the perceived insult, the jeweller defended the diamonds, claiming they were the most valuable and exquisite in the land. Unfazed, Ranjit’s father, with a knowing smile, asserted that his son deserved something far superior – the legendary Kohinoor.

The jeweller scoffed at this idea, revealing that the Kohinoor was currently in Afghanistan, making it an unattainable dream. Yet, undeterred, Ranjit’s father, a man of vision, assured the jeweller that his son, Ranjit, would retrieve it from Afghanistan and wear the Kohinoor.

With a paternal pat on Ranjit’s back and a resolute gaze, he said, “My son will claim the Kohinoor one day !”

Ranjit’s father instilled in him the belief that he was destined for greatness. These words served as a catalyst, igniting a fire within Ranjit.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh, guided by his father’s unwavering faith, indeed fulfilled the prophecy. He conquered territories, outshone rivals, and eventually brought the Kohinoor to his court. The once-dismissed diamonds paled in comparison to the brilliance of the Kohinoor adorning the victorious Ranjit Singh, a testament to a father’s foresight and a son’s unyielding determination.

Balasanskar Kendra is one such unique effort by Bapuji where kids are nurtured with moral values, helping them to align their thoughts and develop an accepting nature towards their parents.

  • The Lasting Impact of Upbringing

Throughout history, children from diverse backgrounds have brought honour to their families and communities through their actions. These individuals were raised with care and guidance that left a lasting impact on their character. Their names, often preceded by their parents’ viz. Devkinandan, Kaushalyanandan, Janaknandini, Sumitranandan, Kuntiputr and many others., serve as a testament to the profound influence of parental upbringing. It’s a reminder that the values instilled in childhood shape the course of one’s life and legacy. From inventors and artists to community leaders and everyday heroes, their stories remind us that childhood values shape the course of one’s life and legacy.

  • The Nurturing Garden: More Than Material Possessions 

While material wealth has its place, the nurturing environment provided by parents is what truly sets the foundation for a child’s growth and success. Just like a well-watered seed grows into a beautiful plant, children thrive when they receive love, care, and positive guidance from their parents. It’s a reminder that even the most extraordinary individuals, like superheroes, need love and support to reach their full potential and become happy, fulfilled, and successful individuals. 

Parents Worship Day: An Antidote for Gaps in relationships

In today’s rapidly evolving world, where the allure of technology and the influx of Western culture pose significant threats to our moral integrity, initiatives like Matri-Pitri Puja Divas emerge as crucial antidotes. Spearheaded by the revered Saint Shri Asharamji Bapu, this initiative serves as a poignant reminder of the paramount importance of honouring and revering our parents.

The rat race of the modern age has created a gap between parents and children, leading to differences that break bonds. Children often disregard their parents’ advice, engrossed in their own illusionary world, neglecting the instructions and experiences shared by their parents. This trend is dangerous for society as it undoubtedly contributes to the degradation of values in the nation.

Matri-Pitri Puja Divas stands as a beacon of strength in fortifying the moral tapestry of our nation. It acts as a shield, safeguarding our impressionable youth from the harmful impacts of events like the overly commercialized Valentine’s Day.

The contemporary manifestation of Valentine’s Day has undeniably become a source of concern, contributing to the moral erosion of our younger generation. Its pervasive influence has been linked to the troubling surge in teenage pregnancies, the abandonment of elderly parents, and the fracturing of familial bonds.

Visionary Saint Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu initiated Parents Worship Day as a tool to achieve two main objectives: strengthening the parent-child relationship and protecting youth from the obscenity of westernisation. His initiative fosters mutual respect and love, which are essential for the growth of a child.

By embracing initiatives such as Matri-Pitri Puja Divas and reaffirming our cultural ethos, we can insulate our youth from the pitfalls of moral decline and uphold the sanctity of our nation’s rich heritage. Honouring our parents and embracing our traditions, will help us preserve our moral compass and ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

By prioritising authentic connections and instilling timeless values, we equip our children with the strength and resilience to navigate life’s journey with grace. For it is through love, not material possessions, that we build a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come, creating a world where love and support remain the most precious gifts of all.

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Parenting is an art, much like pottery, where clay is moulded into beautiful pots by skilled hands. In this analogy, the pots represent the future of children, and the hands symbolize the guidance provided by parents for their development. Although there are numerous distractions that may lead to conflicts between parents and children, with the right approach, these clashes can be minimized, and a proper channel of communication can be established.

Parents Worship Day, initiated by Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu, is one such gift that strengthens the parent-child relationship and enhances trust and understanding, which are key requirements for successful parenting. It is through the right approach and proper guidance that children can build successful careers and contribute to the success of the nation.